Sunday, January 20, 2008

Advice on choosing an undergraduate maths course in the UK

I am often asked for advice on choosing a place to study maths for a first degree in the United Kingdom. I summarised my thoughts in
this essay. Actually my page on league tables of U.K. maths departments stemmed from this, in answer to pondering questions including "Which are the largest UK maths departments?", and if there is any objectiveevidence to support the widely held opinion that COWI (Cambridge-Oxford-Warwick and Imperial... but not necessarily in that order) are the top four UK mathematics departments.

Any comments on the essay -- please post on this blog.


Blogger Billlion said...

I noticed an article by David Mond How to choose a maths degree that adds up for you on a similar theme.

2:14 PM  
Anonymous said...

dear professor bill,

im an overseas student interested in studying undergraduate math in the uk. and i was lucky enough to stumble across your articles, which were really helpful. because i don't live in the uk, the only knowledge of who's who in the uk math department very much depends on the various league ladders and internet publicity. previously, not so long ago, i was fairly sure of where i wanted to pursue math. having read your articles, i grew worried that perhaps my choice of university wasnt the best, as i dont really have all the much-needed accurate information. Professor, with your insightful views and experience, would you be ever so kind and spare some time to advise me on my ucas choices, as a neutral, and of course your personal opinions on each of my choices.

thank you in advance.


7:58 AM  

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