Saturday, August 22, 2009

EIT and Electric Fish Bill on the TV News

Here is a clip of me on BBC NW Tonight the interview was by Stuart Flinders.

  • The fish are Black Ghost Knife Fish and we bought them from Oasis Aquarium in Manchester
  • Why is the idea behind the moment tensors? These were described by Habib Ammari at the EIT meeting and in his book. My hypothesis is that the fish can detect the difference between the moment tensors of the objects.
  • Details on the science behind the electric fish can be found in Mark Nelson's talk the week before in Manchester. The sldes and a video stream of the talk are on line.
  • I am not actually "doing experiments" I leave that to the experts. The fish are in the School of Maths for observation and to stimulate discussion.
  • Why am I using a Game Boy Advance? It has a plug in module to convert it to a Digital Sampling Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyser
  • With the live Fish Cam (user fish password fish) you can see the School of Maths Aquarium yourself. It depends on the light how well you can see, and the knife fish don't like the lights so it is often off.


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