Saturday, June 13, 2009

Elelctric fish, intensive care and geophysics

What do these have in common? Weakly electric fish see in dark or murky water using electrosensing. Geophysicists use electric and electromagnetic fields to probe the earth and in intensive care medicine electrical impedance measurements being are used to monitor the lungs of patient who are on ventilator machines.

The mathematics of Inverse Problems is what brings these things together and at a meeting at the University of Manchester 15-19 June 2009 mathematicians, physicians, geophysicists and biologists studying weakly electric fish come together. Hopefully sharing information between these communities will lead to breakthroughs in all of these fields.

On Thursday the 18th June 12-1pm (BST) a lecture by Prof Mark Nelson "Electrosensory data acquisition and signal processing strategies in electric fish" will be video-streamed for all to see.

As the fish are the real experts the School of Mathematics has temporarily set up its own aquarium of weakly electric fish. Details here (we also have a live "fish cam"). For news stories on our electric fish follow that link too.