Monday, March 16, 2015

Why I deleted my research gate account

I was annoyed that Google searches of the titles of some of my papers and others I am interested in provides links to ResearchGate. but there is no content there. Indeed if you log in it invites users to pester the authors to post their content there.

So what they are trying to be is a gate to free content, in exchange for information on your research interests and contacts.

Hopefully this dubious web site will be put out of business in due course by the rise in Open Access scientific publications.

I don't mind putting a preprint on a preprint server like ArXiV or an institutional server provided Google Scholar finds it.   The last thing I want is another site where I need o post identical copies of my preprints and maintain with information, especially more giving that information over to the control of a dubious commercial entity.

...lets hope the constant stream of Research Gate email spam stops as well.

More reading Adam Rechless on his deletion of RG account.

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Tell me of any other useful links to discussions...


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